Eng. Héctor M. Ramos, PE, CEM
Managing Partner


With proven experienced and knowledgeable professionals, with congruent engineering tools and techniques we will expand our services in the Pharma, Medical Devices, and Biotech Industry in Puerto Rico. ALIANZA will drive successful implementation of projects and continue to apply effective and tailored facilities maintenance programs, while optimizing existing practices and enhancing the energy utilization and cost. Provide a safe environment for our clients, their employees, and visitors and act on values that shows commitment with the Quality and Productivity of their products and operations.

We will achieve it pursuing a base of respect, integrity, reliability and professionalism toward our colleagues, our employees, and our society.


ALIANZA Engineering is a services company providing support to the pharmaceutical, medical devices, and biotech industry, managing projects of every discipline, supporting the staff with experienced professionals, and implementing effective and tailored Facilities maintenance programs in Puerto Rico, following high integrity and ethics standards and protecting our environment.


  • Measurable performance
  • Resources availability – fast response, high performance
  • Cost Effective Organization, best cost structure possible
  • Experienced in every Project Management and Maintenance topics within any type of industry
  • Unique communication standards
  • Fast & Flexible
  • An organization design for Puerto Rico challenges: Lean, Agile, first order Change Management skills